why gaelic

Gaelic is one of the national languages of Scotland, and it gives a priceless window onto a world that cannot be reached through any other language.Bòrd na Gàidhlig

Gaelic is a priceless part of our heritage. It's central to the lives of almost 60,000 people throughout Scotland, who are fluent speakers, and has provided us all with a wonderful legacy of placenames, an ancient culture, folklore and literature, as well as a lively music scene.

Increasing numbers of people are learning the language, especially in our schools, ensuring that generations to come will have access to the unique understanding of our culture that Gaelic offers.

Whilst Gaelic has a long heritage in Scotland, it's also a modern, vibrant language, spoken in our communities, schools and on our TV. Modern technology and the internet has made Gaelic even more accessible, with ample opportunities to listen, learn and explore the language and culture.

The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act (2005) was the first piece of legislation to give formal recognition to Gaelic, aiming to secure Gaelic as an official language of Scotland, commanding equal respect with English.